Bahía Cupica, Colombia - May 2024

Pristine Pacific Inshore & Offshore Fly and Spin

Bahía Cupica (just north of Bahía Solano) is a true angler’s paradise. Located on Colombia’s Pacific in the department of Chocó, anglers find themselves mesmerized by the blues of the mighty Pacific Ocean contrasted by the greens of the seemingly endless jungle stretching continuously across the Darién Gap to Panama.  The beauty of this location is its remoteness. Access is limited to several small planes per week, and anglers have miles of inshore rocks, reefs, and offshore bluewater all to themselves. 

Due to extremely limited access and an utter lack of commercial fishing operations, Bahía Cupica has some of the world’s very best inshore and offshore fishing for highly sought after species, including many snapper species (cubera, mullet, green-barred), roosterfish, bluefin trevally, Pacific snook, jack, Spanish mackerel, tarpon, almaco jack, grouper, wahoo, dorado, sailfish, and marlin, amongst others. There are also absolutely staggering numbers of yellowfin tuna, and anglers will encounter huge schools of speedy tuna ranging from 15 to 60 lbs. within a couple of miles from shore. 

If you’ve dreamed of what legendary fisheries like Panama and Costa Rica could have been like 100 years ago, Bahía Cupica is a must experience destination!


What is Fishing like in Bahía Cupica, Colombia?

Fishing is from spacious and comfortable 32 foot center consoles, each with a T-Top. These nimble vessels give you access to everything Bahía Cupica has to offer, easily bouncing from inshore rock and reef fishing to venturing offshore for the pelagic species. We can fish up to 4 boats per week.

Since the Pacific ocean can be a very unpredictable place, where wind, swell, and rain will likely be part of your experience, we recommend approaching this destination with both fly and spin outfits. Pure fly fishermen will have amazing opportunities, but having a spin outfit will allow for a more enjoyable experience should fishing conditions be a little tricky. For mixed fly/spin or fly only groups, we recommend 3 people max per boat. For pure spin fishermen, we recommend 4 people max per boat. 


Fishing Season in Bahía Cupica, Colombia


Lodging & Food in Bahía Cupica, Colombia

Bahía Cupica Lodge is a private fishing camp right on the Pacific surrounded by a beautiful gardens and jungle. This is the ultimate launching point for the extreme saltwater fishing the region has to offer, with boats leaving from the beach in front of the lodge daily. The lodging is comfortable, safe, and no frill. Several elevated structures feature large shared 2 and 3 bed rooms complete with AC, private bathroom, and wifi. The on-site restaurant serves some of Colombia’s most delicious meals, with an emphasize on fresh fish and sashimi. There is no better place to toast a cold local beer, nurse your sore muscles, and share wild fishing stories after each thrilling day on the water.

Itinerary Breakdown for 2024 Hosted Trip

MAY 4-12, 2024


  • Day 1 – International arrival in Medellín, Colombia (MDE). Private transfer from airport to hotel. Transportation and lodging included. Meals not included. 
  • Day 2 – Domestic flight Medellín – Bahía Solano. One of our boats will be awaiting the group in Bahía Solano and bring you roughly 1 hour north to Bahía Cupica. All transportation, meals and lodging included. Double & triple accommodation at our private waterfront lodge including air conditioning, WIFI, and hot water. Delicious breakfast and dinner are served by local staff. Lunch is picnic-style on a private beach, allowing for a break from fishing and some down time. 
  • Day 4-8 – 5 full days fishing. 2-4 fishermen per boat (depending on how booking is made) plus a guide and a local captain per boat. 
  • Day 9 – Leave the lodge early by boat (same as arrival) heading to Bahía Solano. Domestic flight Bahía Solano – Medellín. Private transfers between airport and hotel. All transportation and lodging included. Meals not included. 
  • Day 10 – Departure from Medellín, Colombia