Travel Insurance

Is It Really Something I need on my Fly Fishing Trip?

Many people think that travel insurance is not for them. Now, before you go off the rails, here is a great place to get started on why it is imperative for one to get travel insurance. Maybe you are a seasoned traveler, think of yourself as healthy and fit, or have just had great luck while traveling in the past. Either way, you look at travel insurance and think, “that’s really not something I need.”

We do, however, highly recommend travel insurance on all and even require travel insurance on some of our programs in Costa Rica and other destinations. Being that such a relatively cheap addition to your trip’s overall cost could potentially come in handy not just for medical emergencies but for an array of travel-related issues, including lost or stolen luggage, damaged equipment (read broken rods), lose of family member requiring you to cut your trip short, or canceled flight, we suggest you read through this information so that you can decide on the best plan to cover your trip with us.


  • High coverage limit on medical expenses. We recommend a minimum of USD 100,000
  • High coverage on medical evacuation to the right local hospital separate from in-hospital medical expenses. We recommend a minimum of USD 300,000
  • Coverage for medical evacuation to get you back home need be
  • Complete coverage of injury and sudden illnesses
  • Personal accident coverage
  • 24-hour emergency services and assistance
  • Coverage for lost, damaged or stolen possessions like tackle, luggage, documents, electronics, etc.
  • Basic coverage for your electronics with the option for a higher coverage limit based on personal needs
  • Coverage on canceled hotel reservations and flights if you have a sudden illness, death in the family, or some other emergency
  • Coverage for emergencies and political unrest in the country you are visiting requiring you to cut your trip short


Most plans have limits for what they cover, and its important to be aware of these limits. Reckless and careless activities or drug- and alcohol-related injuries are not covered in most plans. Preexisting conditions are also not covered in most plans. Additionally, medical coverage is limited to emergencies and doesn’t replace basic healthcare.

Should you need to make a claim, make sure you have all your receipts, necessary forms, and proper documentation — all of this will help make your claim faster to ultimately get you reimbursed for any charges associated with your emergency while traveling.

We would be more then happy to help you answer questions regarding a plan or find the right plan for your particular fly fishing trip with us. Here are some providers that we recommend you check out:

World Nomads

The standard in topnotch travel insurance, World Nomads provides basic but extremely thorough coverage specializing in adventure travel around the world. They understand the types of coverage we adventure-seeking fly fishermen need, and offer different levels of coverage tailored to fit the exact amount of time and limits you’ll need while traveling.


A membership based organization specializing in dealing with the absolute most critical situations, Global Rescue provides emergency response in some of the most remote corners of the globe as well as the right medical & security intelligence to avoid getting into these crises in the first place. While this deep level of emergency protection may be overkill for some of our programs, we always recommend this service for our most remote and extreme exploratory ‘expedition’ style trips and adventures.