See What Some of Our Past Clients Say About Their Experiences with Fly Fishing Costa Rica

“We flew our kids all the way to Costa Rica from Northern California, and their very favorite day wasn’t the beaches or jungles, whales or monkeys or macaws flying over their heads, it was trout fishing with Kevin. Kevin had a gentle way with the kids. He taught them calmly, listened, and empowered them to find the peace in the stream and their fishing line. He took care of everything, was easy going while setting the tone and pace for the day, was patient, kind, and funny. He even accommodated my kids’ celiac disease and provided a lunch these picky kids gobbled up. My kids, who are a bit shy and uncomfortable traveling and with guides, took to him immediately. They learned so much and could have fished for days on end. I got a peaceful day in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, a chance sighting of a quetzel, a delicious lunch, and the joy of watching my kids experience peace in nature. We are so glad we decided to book this day fishing with Kevin in the middle of our trip, and highly recommend this company to anyone who is considering it!”

Carina B. California, USA

“The Jungle Tarpon Reserve is a special place on this planet. Where else can you throw flies at these silver beasts in sight of three different species of monkey! Tom’s enthusiasm, his in-depth knowledge of this unique ecosystem, and his respect for the local people all come together to make for an unforgettable experience. Gracias amigo!”

Jeff Crofutt, Chiriqui, Panamá

“The trip to the Jungle Tarpon Reserve provided my group with an amazing combination of tarpon fishing and eco-adventure with great birding, jungle sights and local culture.”

J. Wishcamper, Portland, ME, USA

“I have been fishing at the Jungle Tarpon Reserve with Tom Enderlin for few years and it’s nothing more than an amazingly wicked fishing spot. I fished many places over the last decade and there are only 3 of them on my annual fishing calendar. The Jungle Tarpon Reserve is one of them. Low fishing pressure , nice river system, and diverse wild life makes the Jungle Tarpon Reserve unique. Fishing with Tom, Kevin and Napo is a major part of the experience; these guys are fun, knowledgeable and badasses. Last year in 2021 I had the fishing trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to go again in the fall. Accommodation is one of the best, with privacy, a nice pool, and great food. Jumped a few and landed a few more last trip. All monsters. Get ready for the adrenaline rush. Kickass spot. I had a photography opportunity like never before as you get to fish sometimes in close vicinity to the other boat.”

Abbas Adam, Canada

Tarpon fishing in the jungle – sounds amazing and it is in reality an experience you don’t want to miss. A place that has many different things to offer: jungle landscape with an abundance of wildlife everyday, close contact with the local community (including the best fruits/juices I have tasted in my life), and not to forget monster tarpon crushing “sardinas” in the local waters after travelling hundreds of miles from the ocean. Great engagement with the local people, that’s the way it should be. Hooking a tarpon in this environment should be on your bucket list. Thanks Tom for a great time in the jungle!

Felix Hansvencl, Fly Nature, Germany

Tom Enderlin and his teams exhibit total dedication and focus on their fisherman guests working tirelessly while on and off the river to help each of us attain their dream of bowing to the silver king – their knowledge of the river and its huge jungle tarpon was encyclopaedic with relentless changing of flies and leaders to suit conditions. For me it was trout sight fishing requiring a lot of skill but all done with a 12 wt and an immense fish as a potential reward. Their respect as demonstrated by quick releases was admirable and sets an example for all of us. The project management and organisational skills exhibited daily were phenomenal – I’ve never had better starting with delicious local coffee delivered in Yeti vacuum mugs at the cabina door at 5 am! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were always delicious, diverse, and healthy no grease no upset stomachs – sadly I put on weight and with coolers full of chilled beers soft/ fruit drinks and your own high quality water bottle and constant steaming coffee they served our every culinary and liquid whim! The best thing is Tom and his team involve the community in this Jungle Tarpon Reserve project from the meals cooked by various families for us to the education and conservation preached and practiced on the fishery with empowerment of the local guides.

David Barclay-Miller, Sweden

All of the destinations I’ve traveled to have beauty in every direction, but our morning boat ride from our riverside lodging to the most productive holes on the river was literally a jungle tour. Tom knows nearly every animal, bird and plant by name, and can tell you interesting details and stories about them. I think he may even be 1/16th howler monkey himself… Toms love of the Costa Rican jungle, the river, and it’s tarpon is contagious, and after fishing those mysterious and intriguing waters I love them too. To approach spots as if we were going to present a streamer to a brown trout, and to then come tight on something a little bigger and with a bit more attitude then a trout.. it was unusual and very special. Some of the tarpon strikes were savage, with such low water visibility they sometimes occurred boat side. In one instance a 170lbs+ range tarpon ate the fly as it dragged in the current, five feet downstream of the boat, the leader in my hand (I guess technically thats hand lining not fly fishing)! Though we got the massive beast next to the boat several times, she used her bulk to stay just outside our grasp, and eventually tired of playing with us, running downstream through a log jam, where she broke my line and my heart.

Derek DeYoung, Deyoung Studios

Banished and hurt, I scuttled to the back of the boat, placed my demolished gear right next to me, and sat down like a heartbroken sap sleeping in a bed of nails, trying to displace the emotional pain with physical. Tarpon fishing gets to your very core, and the seemingly claustrophobic abundance of jungle amplifies the resounding echoes of a leaping silver king spitting your fly back at you a hundred-fold. I have been given the opportunity to fish for these awe-inspiring giants in many countries and although the tarpon narrative of crystal clear flats has seemed to forgotten about it’s lush backcountry fisheries, the Jungle Tarpon Reserve is a stark reminder of how extremely versatile the sport can be. I truly envy prospective clients because what they are about to witness is the immense landscape, fresh local cuisine, comfortable lodging, exceptional fishing and dedicated people who understand that this fragile resource needs to be taken care of. Hats of to Tom and his crew.

Stephan Dombaj, Fly Fishing Nation 

In an ever shrinking world, the Jungle Tarpon Reserve provides a magical look into the tarpon fisheries of yesteryear.  Tom Enderlin is a dedicated and passionate steward who works tirelessly to preserve one of the greatest tarpon rivers on the planet.  The primeval jungle is home to magnificent sloths, numerous howler monkeys, and monster-sized Silver Kings.  Much of our new film Altanticus (see teaser), was filmed with these special people in a truly incredible place.  I cannot say enough about Tom and the Jungle Tarpon Reserve!

Grant Wiswell, Owner, Castaway Films, MT, USA   #Atlanticus

I have fished for tarpon for over 35 years in a multitude of places/environments/conditions. I have caught big and little fish, easy and difficult fish, have pursued new venues that have ended poorly and others that worked out just OK. Then I met Tom from Fly Fishing Costa Rica. He has found a truly unique tarpon fishery, large ocean fish in a freshwater jungle environment. I had to see it to believe it, swinging streamers in a flowing river to large tarpon in feeding stations, stalking waking, rolling and tailing fish in still water lagoons, casting to feeding fish chasing bait in soft water at tributary confluences, all incredibly exciting and productive. Tom is knowledgeable about the fishing and the jungle surroundings, attentive to everything, he has a very personal touch and is great company. I’ve been three times, and within hours of leaving can’t wait to get back.

George B. Portland, ME, USA 

The Jungle Tarpon Reserve is truly a unique fly fishing experience. I have traveled the world chasing tarpon and there is no other place on the planet like this.  Chasing giant tarpon in a river miles from the ocean and through jungle will challenge your skills both as a caster and angler.  I believe this is one of the last best places to target large tarpon on a fly! Tom does an amazing job as a host, guide and steward of the fishery.

Drew Miller from Grizzly Hackle Outfitters. Missoula, MT, USA 

We joined Fly Fishing Costa Rica on a Why Knot Fishing hosted trip of a lifetime to surfcast and fly fish one of the most southern parts of Costa Rica – the Osa Peninsula. We had an unbelievable time living off the grid in a remote part of the jungle, fishing everyday, eating incredible meals and of course catching roosters, sailfish, jacks, bluefin trevally and more. Tom was an incredible host, picking us up at the airport, driving us from spot to spot in the jungle, teaching us the culture and he knows just about every bird that flies. Needless to say, it was a trip we would do again in a heartbeat!!

Matt Z. from Why Knot FishingBeverly, MA, USA

Release Fly Travel’s frontman, Tom, is a world class adventure guide who likes to compress several weeks’ worth of trophy fish, immersive travel and storytelling into an insane fishing turbo week that you will yearn to repeat every year. He develops a trademark twitch if your technique suffers or you are off your game – ensuring there is focus and aspiration with every cast – crucial for landing that once-in-a-lifetime fish you know he will definitely put you in front of. You just don’t want to let him down. Whether you are in North America chasing striped bass or Central America hunting tarpon, Tom brings a ton of knowledge to the table when it comes to local wildlife and history. He is also able to draw on local support wherever he takes you fishing no matter how remote  – testimony to a great man revered by locals worldwide.

Charles H. London, UK

Knowing nothing about Costa Rica, I set out on my trip with some trepidation. Thankfully, Fly Fishing Costa Rica designed a superb tour of what Costa Rica has to offer, from exquisite rainbow trout in the high mountains, to tarpon in secret places in the Northern Caribbean. Release Fly Travel is a class apart in attention to detail and local knowledge, which helped me not only encounter some fine fishing, but also to understand and immerse in the local culture and biology. Their guides were fluent in the language and how the country works, but also happily shared their knowledge of the flora and fauna. Safety was paramount and was calmly and professionally dealt with by the guides – allowing me to relax and enjoy. Most importantly, Release Fly Travel’s guides are what I call ‘proper fishermen’ and thus it was heartening to spend time with people who really understand the language and philosophy of fly fishing and travel. I am looking forward to my next adventure with them!

Morgan J. from the Flyfishers’ Club of London. London, England 

When I think about the day my wife and I spent with Fly Fishing Costa Rica’s owner Tom fishing for rainbow trout, three things jump into my mind: the food, the conversation, and of course, the fish!  Tom was a joy to talk with throughout the day, as I was mesmerized by stories of his travels around the world, as well as his deep knowledge of Costa Rica (he is married to a Tica and has lived in the country for years).  Also, he came prepared with a truly gourmet roadside lunch. Finally, and most importantly, he knew how to put us on the fish! I was able to fish to my heart’s content, and Tom was very patient teaching my wife, a first-timer.  She ended up catching quite a few fish, which was enough to get her excited about our next fly fishing adventure. The experience was everything we could’ve asked for and more!

Ryan & Kendall S. Charleston, SC, USA. 

Still have sharp memories about huge tarpon in small jungle rivers, amazing wildlife experiences, simple but very tasty food, and pleasant communication with local people when I traveled with Fly Fishing Costa Rica. Thank you and ‘Pura vida’ Tom!

 Marius B. Vilnius, Lithuania

My wife and I spent 10 days in Costa Rica with Fly Fishing Costa Rica on a mixed fly fishing and wildlife viewing trip. Our host, Tom, is an expert fly fishing guide who arranged for two days of trout fishing in the cloud forests and another day fishing for roosterfish in Osa. He led us on bird watching hikes, pointing out birds in thick forest that no one else could see. He arranged all of our accommodations at delightful eco-lodges and drove us to all of our destinations. We also had special visits and hikes with young scientists in a field station in a national park. He is fluent in Spanish.  And, don’t let me forget to mention that Tom is a really good guy and delightful travel companion.  We had a very special trip thanks to Tom – unqualified endorsement!

Clark & Holly H. Cleveland, OH, USA

We had a terrific time chasing sailfish with Fly Fishing Costa Rica. Our guides were really knowledgable about the country and we learned a lot about the flora and fauna. The fishing was also pretty awesome! I would recommend my experience to anyone.

Henry E. Newport, RI, USA